ERC papers

Three point functions in $c\leq 1$ Liouville Theory and Conformal loop Ensembles (by Y. Ikhlef, J. L. Jacobsen and H. Saleur) arXiv:1509.0358, Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 130601 (2016)

Dilute oriented loop models (by E. Vernier, J. L. Jacobsen and H. Saleur) arxiv:1509.07768

The continuum limit of $a_{N-1}^{(2)}$ spin chains (by E. Vernier, J. L. Jacobsen and H. Saleur) arXiv:1601.01559

Fusion and braiding in finite and affine Temperley-Lieb categories (by A. Gainutdinov and  H. Saleur), arXiv:1606.04530

Elaborating the phase diagram of spin-1 anyonic chains (by E. Vernier, J.L. Jacobsen and H. Saleur), arXiv:1611.02236

Entanglement in non-unitary quantum critical spin chains (by R. Couvreur, J.L. Jacobsen and H. Saleur), arXiv:1611.08506

Universal entanglement dynamics following a local quench (by R. Vasseur and H. Saleur), arXiv1701.08866

Healing of defects in random antiferromagnetic spin chains (by R. Vasseur, A. Roshani, S. Haas and H. Saleur), arXiv:1703.01315

On the correspondence between boundary and bulk lattice models and (logarithmic) conformal field theories (by J. Belletête, A.M. Gainutdinov, J. L. Jacobsen, H. Saleur and R. Vasseur) , arXiv:1705.07769

A fusion for the periodic Temperley-Lieb algebra and its continuum limit  (by A.M. Gainutdinov, J. L. Jacobsen and  H. Saleur) , arXiv:1712.07076

A distribution approach to finite-size corrections in Bethe-Ansatz solvable models (by E. Granet, J. L. Jacobsen and H. Saleur), arXiv:1801.05676

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