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Research Interests

I am interested in many aspects of quantum field theory and statistical mechanics. My research activity tends to be rather interdisciplinary, at the border between condensed matter physics and high energy physics. In the last ten years, I have concentrated on the study of transport out of equilibrium in nanostructures, and the study of phase transitions in disordered electronic systems. Most of the tools I use are analytical: my work often involves advanced mathematics, and is at times rather close to string theory. 


Conformal field theory, integrability, non-perturbative, quantum Hall effect, Luttinger liquids, quantum dots, full counting statistics, Bethe ansatz.


 IPhT CEA Saclay, 91191 Gif Sur Yvette Cedex, FRANCE


Physics and Astronomy Dept., University of Southern California, Los Angeles CA 90089-0484, USA




A conference is organized by J. Jacobsen, D. Serban and N. Warner  for my 60th birthday!